Personalised Ads Zuck


Once we access the internet, we are followed everywhere we go, with every click, on every site. We don’t want to be followed around offline, so why would we accept that online? Why would we accept Google and Facebook having secret trackers on almost every site? We won’t. We don’t accept that we are forced to pay with our most personal data to use digital services. We don’t want to read tremendously long cookie policies. We don’t believe personalised advertisements benefit us. We believe Personalised Ads Zuck.

Google and Facebook monetize our personal data with highly opaque advertising systems. To maximise their profits, they use polarising content-ranking algorithms and dark patterns to nudge us. One of every two digital ads is sold by Google and Facebook. They dominate the ad markets, as middlemen, at the expense of artists, publishers, media and small businesses. We don’t accept this.

We want small businesses, artists, publishers and media to have a fair remuneration to live from. We do not want them to be destroyed by unfair competition. We want to take back power over our own data, over our own privacy. This is why we call for a ban on digital ads based on personal data. We want a ban on personalised ads.

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